Guide to Fagor Pressure Cookers

In this economy, people are revisiting old cooking methods. predicted a return to home cooking in 2009, and purchases of pressure cookers and slow cookers are way up.

Turns out your grandmother was on to something with the pressure cooker. It can slash cooking times up to 70 percent over traditional cooking methods.

But pressure cookers today aren't like your grandmother's pressure cooker. (We've all heard at least one story of a pressure cooker blowing up in the kitchen, right?) Contemporary pressure cookers have been modernized to include self-locking lids that prevent accidents in the kitchen.

Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker
Small-appliance maker Fagor is leading the way in this evolution with its line of sleek pressure cookers, including the Rapida, the Splendid, the Duo, the Elite and the Futuro models. But, a pressure cooker is just a pressure cooker, right? Not exactly.

Fagor Rapida
The Rapida is Fagor's elegant lady. Her curves are her distinguishing feature, giving her a modern look. Even under pressure, she performs with style.

Fagor Splendid
The Splendid is Fagor's high performance athlete. It is constructed of high gauge 18/10 stainless steel and boasts an aluminum encapsulated bottom that masters even distribution of heat. The Splendid does its job effortlessly under pressure, like a highly trained athlete.

Fagor Elite
The Elite is very similar to the Splendid pressure cooker. In fact, it's tough to distinguish what the difference is, really.

Fagor Duo
The Duo is Fagor's celebrity cooker. It recently graced the pages of Cook's Illustrated magazine when it was selected as the No. 1 Recommended Pressure Cooker Model. Its star quality is its comfortableness and ease of use. Its similar to other Fagor models in its construction, cooking time and spring-dial functionality.

Fagor Futuro
The Futuro is Fagor's convenience model. It has shorter handles than its counterparts, allowing for compact storage, a space-saving benefit in these gadget-heavy times.

All of Fagor's pressure cookers use spring-loaded pressure regulators and reduce cooking time up to 70 percent. Imagine whipping up a pot of homemade chicken soup in only 15 minutes? Pressed for time but want to make an impressive dinner? Cook meatballs in four minutes and then toss with fresh pasta. And your food will end up perfect because of Fagor's easy-to-use spring valve/dial mechanism used to choose your pressure setting. A visual indicator pops up to indicate pressure level inside the cooker.

Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker
Fagor's pressure cookers all have lids that lock to ensure there are no messy kitchen catastrophes. Cook without oil and these pressure cookers will retain the vitamins and minerals in your food. Not only is your cooking time next to nothing, but you're also making healthy, flavorful meals. And to top it off, Fagor's pressure cookers are designed to save energy, perfect for the eco-friendly consumer. The pressure cookers will work on any kind of stove top: gas, electric, ceramic and even induction.

Testimonials from folks who've used Fagor's pressure cookers:

"I've had this pot for about 3 weeks, and have used it at least 10 times already.It is much easier to use than my old "jiggler" cooker, also faster and safer!The Fagor makes a beautiful braised or stewed dish in less than an hour." --Tallia

"Since I purchased [my Fagor pressure cooker] I have been using it almost daily when I prepare dinners. As for this Fagor Rapida product, I can't complain. It works just fine." --Annavach

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