Fagor Pressure Cooking

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen (or would like to start), you know that the right kitchen utensils and dishes are essential factors in making sure that your meals are prepared with quality and care. Fagor offers a number of quality kitchen products, including cookware sets and pans for specialty dishes, and FagorPressureCookers.com has made it even easier for you to get the Fagor products you need to make your kitchen even more welcoming.

Fagor 15-piece Multifunctional Cookware Set 818020118
The cookware sets from Fagor are made from high quality materials and provide even heat distribution, so that you food is cooked thoroughly and retains its flavor. The Multifunctional Cookware Set comes with several pieces that can be used for different purposes—pots and pans can double as bowls since the handles are removable, and there are strainers built into the lid, so you can steam vegetables and meat without having to worry about extra moisture ruining the flavor or nutritional value of your food. The Tri Ply Cookware Set is great for those who spend a considerable amount of cooking as well. The stainless steel design of the pots is not only attractive, but helps the pans to retain heat and cold, so your dishes are at their desired temperature when you’re ready to eat them. The set comes with skillets, pans and a stock pan, so you can prepare a whole meal using only the set.

Fagor 15" Paella Pan 818020116
In addition to the cookware sets, Fagor also offers paella pans, so you can make this delicious in the comfort of your own kitchen and impress your friends and family. The pans come in 15- and 18-inch varieties, and are non-stick, which makes them very easy to clean. The attractive stainless steel design of the paella pans also makes them ideal for presentation; you can serve the paella right from the pan at dinner parties and social gatherings. And, if you want to cook large meals one or two nights a week, or want to find a way to prepare large quantities of food, purchasing one of Fagor’s pressure cookers is definitely a good idea. Each of the pressure cookers is ideal for preparing soups and stews, as well as main courses, and you can cook your foods at the desired temperature without having to worry about your foods being bland or softer than desired. Pressure cookers are ideal for steaming vegetables and preparing pasta as well, which makes the task of cooking a nutritious meal so much easier.

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